Kit the Koala

Chapter 2

In the morning, Marvin went up to his treehouse to find the koala happily drawing a picture. Kit showed it to him. The picture was of 4 koalas but one of them was in a truck being taken away from the other three. This reminded Marvin of a van just like the one in the picture that had been driven into the woods. Inside the van was a bunch of different cages each with a different animal, one was empty though. Could it be or is it just a coincidence? Then Kit put Dad, Mum and Sister under the three koalas and put me under the koala in the van.

He woke up on his chair. He had fallen unconscious. But Kit had put him in his chair and was now watching him intently. What would he do with the koala? He had to keep him a secret. He brought Kit some crayons and a pile of paper and went to meet his friend that could help. 

Marvin’s friend ( Sam ) was waiting at the park playing with a ball. After a couple penalty shoot outs Marvin had to tell him the truth. They got on their skateboards and headed to Marvin’s house. They went into the treehouse to find it exactly how Marvin had left it and no koala to be seen. “Where is he?”,

questioned Marvin, puzzled.

“Where is who?” said an even more confused Sam.

Then Marvin knew exactly where he went.

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