Nobody cares

Chapter 1 – No one cares..

Forrest was slumped on his bed bored. He thought colouring in would be fun but he just can’t do it perfectly like the other children in his class so he just tried staring out the window watching the non stop rain. He wanted to escape home. Go and explore. He didn’t care that it was raining! He just wanted to have a friend. He laid down twirling his curly brown hair, fidgeted with his lip and sighed. He’d tried exploding all his anxiety of school in his bedroom like ripping books and drawings and things. Suddenly a voice echoed in his mind. His mum was saying something.

“Forrest were going for a walk to get some fresh air, I think that will be best for you,” She explained. It’s like she read his mind. He hoped he was going into the woods. That’s his favourite place, a place where he likes to go when he’s upset.


As he slid his welly boots on they headed out. His mum tried talking to him about his emotions but he’s not the best at communication, he likes everything to be a secret. Drips of rain fell down on the tall trees and onto his head. Clouds danced in the grey clear sky as thunder growled so he gone to explore.

“Mum it’s a pand- mum where are you?”…


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