When the secret isn’t a secret anymore, contd.

The creature blankly stared up at Robert, its eyes like lasers, warming up Roberts’s body. A flash of fire and embers surrounded it, sending a chill down Robert’s spine. The ground shook with each step the creature took, and when Robert blinked, it moved around four feet closer to him. The creature was dressed in some sort of uniform, but it looked like it wasn’t clothes, more like an extra layer of skin. It didn’t appear to have any teeth, or for that matter, a face. The stairs creaked with every blink, Creak! Crunch! Crack!. 


To his amazement, the creature did not emit any sound itself. The only sounds it made were made by e.g. stairs etc. It had a smell almost like sea foam on the beaches of Alicante. The creature was right in front of Robert when he touched it. It looked dry and dusty but it seemed to just become a white powder as soon as it was touched. It didn’t have any internal organs, muscle tissue or bones, nor any vascular system for that matter.


Mrs A. stood at the door with an evil grin on her face. “She’s not hostile, she’ll regenerate after some time. Don’t worry about it though.” exclaimed Mrs. A. She gave a little nod after a moment of silence. He paused, then asked “You say, how did you stumble across her”. She then said after a moment of hesitation, “ You see, I was on my monthly hike in the woods when I just saw her. I instantly fell in love, as it reminded me of my son. I asked her to follow me and we walked back to the shed where I told you not to go. There were a lot of interesting and scary creatures in that forest. I remember once, there was this plague doctor that had a notebook in his hand, constantly writing notes, and I asked him if I could see what he was writing and he handed me his notebook but all there was scribbles.” He was shocked. What was even more shocking is that that 7-foot creature could fit in that 4 foot shed. The creature’s arms were grossly out of proportion, each arm being 6 feet long. She then said “ Don’t you dare tell anyone or they’ll shoot her dead.”  


That moonlit night, Robert went to sleep, still confused about that thing he saw. What could it be? He woke up in the middle of the witching hour to a scratching feeling on his head. Well what could you expect less, it was the creature combing Robert’s hair.


It was that twilight that Robert talked to the creature. He asked it “What or who are you?” and after a moment of hesitation, it replied back in quite a high voice, “I’m specimen SCP-3008-2 from the SCP foundation. I broke out, and I used to hang around in the forest with my friend, SCP-049-1, until Mrs A. found me. But you can call me Alexa.”Even though it’s voice was high, it was smooth, the words all seamlessly flowed together. Robert asked if he could touch her ‘skin’ and she agreed. It was dry but soft at the same time.


Over time, they became the bestest of friends, exploring in the garden and playing catch with each other in the summer’s heat. They built bushcraft shelters for each other and had a great time. It was crazy how a normal boy could make friends with an escaped scientific specimen.


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