When the Snow Falls

  I was so shocked I almost fainted,

 “first of all I hate her looks second of all she looks ugly there are the two reasons why i hate her” I said

 “ what why would you say that, i’m almost like your sister”said Olivia “you are not even close to my sister” I said

 “ I hate you”said Olivia

 “ BOTH OF YOU GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DON’T EVER AGAIN ARGUE IF I SEE YOU TWO ARGUING AGAIN YOU’LL SEE ABOUT THAT” Miss Parker shouted at the end of her lungs. And then we both went into our rooms. I just hate her.


In the next morning I was really tired and I even have to clean my room and if I don’t then Miss Parker will shout at me, then I told Olivia to clean and she didn’t then I told miss Parker that she is not cleaning my room so please tell her and then I said because of my stomach ache I can’t

Clean my room so I’m sorry then Miss Parker told Olivia to clean my room as well.


I hated my life when I came here at first there was miss Parker rude and strict second Olivia the most rude girl i’ve ever seen in my entire life I was ok with my old parents I miss them really i’m always sad and in school there is Mr Edward same mean as and rude as Miss Parker I hate this life. I even hate school now. I thought school was good and interesting.but no.

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