When the thunder strikes chapter 1

When the Thunder Strikes


Chapter 1 


Thor Ragnarök had been excited to go to the countryside. He lied in his sofa-bed looking out the window in the kitchen, watching a rabbit jump around in the garden. He missed his family and was worried about them because of the war, but it was much quieter here and he liked that. The sofa bed was dusty as it had never been used because Mrs Rake had never had overnight guests. Mrs Rake despised the war she got angry every time it was mentioned. Thor was smart so he didn’t mention it again.

He hated school. He was horrible at maths, literacy, reading and everything else. He liked lunch. He got a ham sandwich and some water, then it was back to boring classes. When the bell rang he dashed out of the door, forgetting about school and going back to the house.


Months went by and he still had fun looking after the pig, feeding the horse and playing with the sheep. He had started to do some farming. He grew some razzberries, strawberries carrots and other things he didn’t know what they were, soon it was winter and all his crops had died.


Every midday, he watched Mrs Rake go into the snowy forest behind the house, quickly walking away from the house. He watched her from the barn. Why was she going into the forest that he was forbidden to go into? What is so important that she had to go there every day?


One snowy day, In November, he was asked by Mrs Rake to come into the forest with him. The wind and snow was blowing in his face as Mrs Rake walked on completely unaffected. She didn’t know he was actually enjoying this like her.


They stopped at an opining, He could hear some sort of lizard chirp. He could smell meat and then he saw a bush rustle and jumped back. Mrs Hill shouted “Delta, Rex, Alpha, Blue come!” And then four giant velociraptors jumped out of some bushes and Thor froze in fear. “Meet the raptors, they are the last living dinosaurs on earth” Mrs Rake said causally “I found them as babies frozen solid in an ice cave.


The raptors moved slowly towards Thor, and he stood there mouth wide open in shock.

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