The Preporation for blood shed

The preparation for blood shed

Tracer Mai came of the bus crying just thinking about what had happened back at the village the people came to choose who they want I was chose for the very last by a man in a black robe that said that I was special so he took me and we went to a village he took me to a wall and simply just walked through it so I followed him.  And appeared in a dojo of some sort he said he was going to train me.



And so he told me the story of how it all happened he said, it started when the demons and spirit people lived in peace until Kiana the power demon wanted more than just to share the spirit dimension  but to rule it so he fought the spirit people but in the end the master cast him in a portal back into the demon relm and then rebuilt the village many soldiers were lost that day but ever since the master had died the demons have come for revenge lost souls in control of Kiana so ever since that we have been training an army to fight back against the demon relm and we need a leader which will be you.



So I started my training Monday shuriken practise Tuesday bow training  Wednesday sword deflecting Thursday bamboo chopping Friday fitness and every night I lie in bed waiting for something to happen. On Saturday we went into the village to look for ingredients for a healing stew, for food and weapon’s  in the afternoon I met a new friend her name is Bridget her dad is the engineer Torbjorn there were tool smiths sharpening weapons ready for the battle next month 


I all ways see a light coming from the north wind dorm so one night I snuck out to check it out and my beads were glowing it’s like it was calling them into the room so I went in and discovered a sword lying on the bed there a label on it saying  Tracer please fight the demon Kiana and save my soul – Gengi. Tracer was struck with power when she picked it up and said “I will save your soul father”


We went out into the town the next day still keeping the sword wherever I go  just in case of any demons me, Bridget and my god of an uncle Hanzo were on patrol duty whilst Torbjorn installed some new turrets at the front of the dojo just encase of emergencies Hanzo talked about you now hate, betrayal and all that other stuff that probably won’t be important because me and Bridget were talking about how existing this is going to be fighting demons alongside spirit Warriers. So after Torbjorn was done we went back inside the dojo to train.

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