The Runaway

The Runaway


                                                     Chapter 3


The days and weeks went by, time was going fast and they didn’t know what to do. Soon they built a little cabin in the middle of a forest. He stayed there for all that time, so no one would notice. It was in some kind of countryside and there were flowers and mountains nearby. There were all kinds of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables there: tomatoes, cauliflower, oranges and apples that he could survive in. Mum doesn’t care anyway, she brings him so much food for the whole day. As I went with mum to give him food it was very quiet in the cabin and he wasn’t there, so we hurried and we saw him lying down on the still grass. We went up to him and he said “When can I go back to live a normal life? It’s boring here!” 


Mum said “It’s okay, only a couple of months then you can come back.” When we were coming back home we saw a stillness in the grass.


At night, Edward and his mum went to visit John and went home, but then Edward said to his  mum “ I want to spend time with John.” Mum said


 “ Sure!” Then Edward went back to John and spent a lot of time with him in the cabin. Edward said, “Let’s go outside and get some fresh air.” They went outside in the black endless darkness and relaxed. They sat there for almost 2 hours and they watched the moon and stars and listened to the silence. They took a walk in the forest and trekked their way back. They went across the fields and saw the nightingales sing their mournful songs.


The thing that worried Edward the most was that someone might see the cabin and might wanna rest and see him there because there was a poster and it said, ‘ Have you seen this man?’ John said he wandered over many miles but no one could see him. Edward waved goodbye to his brother and went home. 


The next morning, Edward and his mum went to give John food and he was there sitting on the couch and looking through the window and froze, mum came to bring the food inside the cabin and he sat down and got ready, mum showed him the poster of him and it also said that ‘prize 100,000 money, dead or alive.’ John was really shocked and didn’t know what to do. After that they ate and went back home, and as they were going they heard a friend, Jacob who had raced down the hill on his old school bike. Edward said to his mum “ You don’t need to worry, the cabin is a long way down in the forest.” John screamed, they raced down and found the bike in the cabin and Jacob in there too. The thing is that he found Jacob!

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