Were lies are endless – Chapter 3

Winter soon faded and Mary had gotten used to life with Mrs Smith. The valleys were now filled with gorgeous daisies but she still missed the bustling streets of London with endless traffic and dirt covered buildings that towered overhead. Unlike London, the valley was filled with lime green grass  shooting upward with splashes of colour: The scarlet roses flowering, Hibiscus bushes with beautiful pink leaves and blue Foxgloves swayed in the wind.  Mary felt a sensation of warmth she had never felt before as she ran through the valley. 


After school, Mary would always play with James but she preferred to call him Mr Smith and thought of him as a father since she never got to see her dad as he died when her mother was 8 months pregnant. Sometimes they would go out in the back garden together and play hopscotch; she also enjoyed playing with Mrs Smith as she had gotten kinder towards her. James and Mary would stargaze and watch the moon from Mary’s bedroom window. Mary knew what the two thought of her and how  they pretended as if she was their deceased daughter. But Mary was worried, what would happen if Mr Smith was discovered? Would he have to go to war with all the other men? If he did have to go to war would he ever come back? Mary dismissed her feelings and went to bed. 


The sun had risen and Mary decided to play outside with Mr Smith as it was Saturday then she grabbed a slim piece of chalk and hurried out. When she made it to the garden she saw Mr Smith waiting for her. They played for hours but Mary couldn’t help but feel as if they were being watched. Once they had gotten tired she went back to her room and looked out the window then saw both Mr and Mrs Smith together outside. She looked around and saw a woman next to their fence watching them. She rushed down the stairs and bashed the kitchen door open.  “Someones there!” she shouted catching her breath as the woman behind the fence ran away. They both burst out laughing “There’s none there silly,” Mrs Smith jokingly said, Mary gave up on convincing the two and went back to her room seeing 3 women approaching their fence, tears, tears rolling down their faces.

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