When the thunder strikes chapter 2

The raptors stared at Thor. They were blue, green, red, pink and all of their eyes were an icy blue. Their scales glinted in the sunlight. Thor could see the sharp claws on Delta, the jagged teeth on rex, the long tail on Alpha, the little arms on Blues arms, as they moved forwards.


Thor was amazed as Alpha sniffed him and lay down at his feet and the other raptors followed. Thor stroked each of their heads, unsure if one would reach up and bite his hand.


“They like you a lot” whispered Mrs Rake, as they fell asleep. Thor smiled at Mrs Rake very confused how this was possible. On they’re way out of the snowy forest, the wind blew hard and Thor was blowen over about 20 times. Just as he reached the end of the forest he saw the raptors dash only a few centimetre’s away from him and heard their chirp.


“They’re going to be heading to their cave now,” said Mrs Rake still walking. “I found them while In this forest in an ice cave frozen in ice about ten years ago. They were only a few days old. They must have got trapped in that cave and frozen for millions of years. I looked after them not letting anyone know, like a secret.” Thor listened fascinated by this story. “You must never tell anyone about this Thor. They will kill them if they saw them and we would become criminals.


That afternoon Thor daydreamed of the raptors. Alpha commanding the others to hunt as he tidied the cave. Their eyes blue as the sky. Their teeth biting into a bear for dinner.


One night, Thor slept with the raptors, in their cave, on some hay. After two months whenever the raptors saw him they would run to him practically begging for meat, always doing their chirp. Thor now liked his chores as well, as all of them were now connected to the raptors


Mrs Rake watched him with raptor smiling as she did. She saw over the months how the boy made the raptors happy.

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