Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

They trudged and struggled for what seemed like forever, but they reached Hill Side View. Ronnie and Chicago.  


It had been like a game of cat and mouse. The wolf-lion was on their tails, there wasn’t a moment to lose.  


When they stepped on the mountain, Ronnie started walking slowly, tripping as he ran. He was finding it hard holding his self-up. He was tired. Chicago was tired too and he was slowing him down. Through gritted determination and some arguing the rabbits arrived at the top. However, the Wolf-lion had also arrived and was waiting for them. They were captured. The Wolf-lion wasn’t alone. Ronnie had to think quick.  

“Give me your backpack” roared the Wolf-lion. What did he want with his backpack? Ronnie wandered, was his bag magical?  He threw the bag at the Wolf-lion but as he threw it a shiny ball of dust filled the air. Happy that he had the bag the Wolf-lion turned his back and started to empty the contents out. His roar getting louder and louder, he was getting angrier by the minute. This was Ronnie’s chance, he wasn’t looking. He pushed the shiny ball of dust with all his might, this pushed the Wolf-lion, he lost his balance, stumbled and rolled down a hole in the ground. The ball of dust magically formed – it was the Fairy Godmother. She rolled the largest rock Ronnie had ever seen over the hole. There was no way the Wolf-lion would ever escape now.   


She led them away as they walked further Ronnie could see The Golden Mine in the distance. Ronnie was so excited, he recognised the rows of daffodils that lay in a long line. This was where his Grandmother lived.  Chicago woke up confused he started asking Ronnie some questions like what happened? Or why am I on your back? Ronnie answered those questions. They started running as quickly as possible and soon they were on their grandmother’s doorstep. 

  They knocked on the door desperate to see their grandmother, she opened the door slowly, peeking to see who was there. When she saw her little rabbits, she opened the door wide. She squeezed them for dear life and gave them a warm hug.

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