Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

Ava did not walk and climb all this way just to see that the school is abandoned, she wanted to explore the school. She was more determined than ever. The place was horrendous! Ava spotted cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling, some weird green substance, she guessed that might be from the science room. Broken tiles, and so much more. 

First Ava was heading straight to the assembly room, it was humungous! But it looked like a tornado erupted into there. There were chairs upside-down, some tables too, a whiteboard had crashed to the floor and made a massive crack in the ground. 

“This is one weird assembly room.” ava said. She decided to go on to the next room. The next room Ava is heading is the science lab. Already, she saw some of that green substance she saw earlier in the entrance of the school. She opened the science door in fear, ready to attack. Luckily there was no one there, Ava saw test tubes, measuring cups, and a lot freakier stuff. She decided to see the Welsh room. 

 She opened the door to see, an absolute mess, pencils and paper were everywhere, the chairs were scattered around the room, as well as the tables. Suddenly Ava heard a click, a loud click. She tried to open a window, but it would not budge. And then she tried opening a door, did not budge.  

She realized she was TRAPPED. There was no way out. 





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