Flower Cam 3458

Have you ever needed to spy on people?

Have you ever wished to take pictures of people without them knowing?

Have you ever wanted a gadget that has an unlimited battery?

If so, the new Flower Cam 3458 is  without a doubt guaranteed to make your life much  better.

he new version of the Flower Cam 3458 has been fully upgraded to include:

  • Unlimited Battery 
  • Hidden camera 
  • Big petals to hide camera
  • Thorny stem so no one can take it.
  • Bullet proof camera which can survive underwater and also it doesn’t float in space.

The Flower Cam 3458 also has a bonus: it has a full 50 year warranty.Guaranteed to buy the same gadget every time it gets damaged.

Perhaps the most essential reason for purchase is its security. You’re probably thinking it is an easy password that thieves can unlock but it is actually a hand recognition. You grab the flower and it lets you take pictures but if you don’t own it you will get a shock which will make you faint.

The gadget is recommended by Alex Rider.

The flower Cam 3458 comes in a unique box which only you can open with your fingerprints. Purchase now at but be quick, there is only one left which will sell to the highest bidder. Bids currently stand at  1.2 million pound.

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