Mega hyper wristband

Are you afraid someone is going to catch you?Do you want to go invisible?Do you need to climb walls on your secret mission?If you need to do all this stuff try out the Mega hyper wristband!

The newest version of the mega hyper wristband 

  • Its unbreakable, untouchable and quadruple protection ;
  • X-ray vision.
  • Can spawn anything. 
  • Can give you spider man’s gloves.
  • These are exclusive there are only 20 left.
  • It even has teleportation.

These are so expensive but for real spies they are only 50p it knows who is wearing it and if it’s not the owner it will teleport to the owner.

It can see everyone’s private information even spies It knows everything even top secret information’s

This creation is the best!!!

It doesn’t need any charger, it has infinite batteries. You can order it at spy


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