Spy watch 3000

Have you ever wanted to be invisible ? Have you ever needed to taze a criminal ? Have you ever desired to scan people to see if they’re a criminal ? If so, go and get a spy watch 3000 to catch all criminals!

The spy watch 3000 is the best watch that over 5000 spies have bought. It has super amazing features:

  • It’s got the time and date of when something bad last happened;
  • Scan people to see if they are innocent or not;
  • Be invisible;
  • A taser that shoots cabbage tasers.

The extraordinary spy watch 3000 has the added bonus of a hidden extended watch strap to get away in sticky situations like getting caught. You are guaranteed to get away and succeed.

Perhaps the most important reason for purchasing this is because it is a limited edition spy watch 3000 and can only be used by the owner. It’s got wrist print to unlock it!

This spy watch 3000 is favored by Spy kids.

It comes with a super fast charger with a free touchscreen pen. Order now

from https//

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