leaving the warren

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


                                                    Finally, they were ready to leave their burrow.


One morning, a letter had appeared outside their burrow. One of the little rabbits read the letter and it said “Be aware of the Garm, they are coming to the Enchanted burrow and they are powerful!” It was delivered by a mouse-carrier. The little rabbits went to warn their father, the chief of the Enchanted burrow. The chief told them to go and find somewhere safe.


The three little rabbits, Poppy, Pook and baby Pumpkin are going to leave their home.As a little surprise Pook`s mum gave him a powerful God weapon, a spear to look after his older sister and younger brother. They will have to adventure through Enchanted forest, then they will have to find the path to deadly waters then hike up the snow top mounting and ask the ancient rabbits.The three little rabbits will miss their mum,their home and as well as their father they will miss everyone in their burrows.”I just hope that the ancient rabbits will let us stay with them and the Garm will not find us or follow us.”Poppy said slowly.The adventure starts today.


Clutching the spear, the three brave rabbits venture into the wood.They will climb over the delicout bridge then across the deadly water.As they climb over the bridge they can hear the armour bashing on their body as they stroll.When the rabbits enter the wild.”Wow the grass is soft”said Pook”This is immense” shouted Poppy.


That night, the three brave little rabbits ate a slice of dried apple oatcakes and some carrot bread that their father made.Pumpkin was playing with some sticks in one of the corners of their den. On the other hand, Poppy and Pook were having a snack to get their energy up.Silently Poppy grabbed a branch and put it in front of the entrance so the Garm would not see them.


As Pook was slowly drifting to sleep, he thought of his family dying in pain with the Garm screeching armour onto them then a wave of fear that he would be next in line,to die or become on of them.Would the brave rabbits be able to get to the ancient rabbits? 

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