I have…

I have never eaten the worlds spiciest pepper without making a face, 

but I have eaten a specially spicy curry that my 

dad made.


I have never ran around the world wearing flappy flip flops, 

but I have ran 

run a fun run to raise money while, it was raining cats and dogs.


I have never caught a megalodon with a Stick and a bit of string, 

but I have caught a butter eel with my fishing



I have never won the rugby world cup in Japan, 

but I have won the glorious GHA rugby Tournament and I was very proud.


I have never been a cross the world to Australia 

but, I have been to Spain And it was like perfect paradise, as 

heavenly as heaven itself.


I have never been to the pricey prince of Dubai’s castle,

but I have been Edinburgh Castle, and it was amazing.


I have never fought in a war, 

but I have played laser tag in a camouflaged surrounding, And I had so much

 fun with the rugby boys.


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