I have never

I have never flown a human powered snowbird ,

but  I have hovered my drone over the Country park.


I have never been bitten by a radioactive spider at a science convention,

but I have been stung by a red ant.


I have never mined a crystal with a picaxe in a cave, 

but I have bought a amethyst  from the local shop in Brandon.


I have never hitched a ride on a road in California ,

but I have been in a taxi along the roads of Suffolk.


I have never raced down a tidal wave on a surfboard,

but i have bodyboarded on the icy sea of Yarmouth.


I have never seen a submarine go to the deep coral sea,

but I have found a piece of seaweed in the freezing cold sea of    Hunstanton.


I have never travelled through a black hole,

but I have been in my sister’s messy room. 


I have never been to college,

but I am attending Forest Academy School. 

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