I have never…But I have

I have never….but I have


I have never climbed Goat Fell in Arran 

but I have climbed Loudoun Hill near the head 

of the River Irvine, east of Darvel.


I have never ran an exhausting marathon

but I have ran along Troon beach while the waves 

crash down upon the shore.


I have never signed the National Anthem at 

a Scotland football match 

but I have been asked to sign the Nation 

Anthem for the Woman’s Scotland team this 

Thursday at Hamden Park for the world cup 

qualifier against Austria.


I have never seen the Northern Lights 

but I have seen the brightest, fireworks as

perfect as a picture.


I have never flown on a resistant red arrow

running through the sky 

but I have flown on a perfect white plane.

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