Go and open the lapis door

as the waves crash into the sand

and as a wall of depression hits you.


Walk through the red door

and see the lava from the volcano

burst like a balloon and watch

the lava spew with anger.


Stroll into the violet door

and see the amethyst shine like stars

In the night sky as you begin to feel nervous.


Go through the pearl door

and see the opal shine its colours with happiness

and still be confused as to why the shell won’t open.


As you skip into the butter door

the bees buzz and the birds sing with happiness

as you burst into energy and run around the room.


Go ahead and open the midnight door

and see the obsidian sigh with depression

As you get filled with loneliness.


Creep through the frost door

and see the snowflakes dance as the dagger like icicles fall

and your worriness grows by the minute.


Go ahead open the marigold door

spy on the tigers prowling in the savanna

as you are filled with dependability to try

and tame one.

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