dream catcher moth

               Dream-catcher moth


Have you heard about the dream-catcher moth? It’s only  been discovered one month ago. Zoologists have found out many different features about it, however we still don’t know everything about this beautiful creature. Would you be able to identify one in the wild? Read on to find out.


Appearance :


The majority of these moths are covered in scales and spiky legs, but this one is different. On the back of its blue, scaly wings it’s got yellow stars that count how many years it’s been alive. It’s got a bumpy, purple and pink body, and brown furry antennas.around the edges, it’s got spiky claws that he uses for defence . 


Special abilities:

The dream-catcher has a thick red tongue that sucks and takes the dreams. 

It loves to shoot out star dust  when it is super happy and gets a good dream.It hunts down insects by shooting its power stardust which blinds them and is a lot easier to catch.




The beautiful Dream-catcher moth always loves to eat dandelions as a treat so if you want to see this moth I recommend growing some. It usually eats other insects like worms and centipedes [ if they can catch one], and devouses grass.But when it’s annoyed it will bite into human skin.




This creature can be found in south tokyo and west brazil but has been found in a small village in london.It lives low down in a nest of leaves and sticks. So, do you think you’ll be able to recognise the dream-catcher moth?


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