The most intriguing thing on this planet is the bulb-beetle. A group of zoologists are discovering new things everyday about this outstanding insect. This insect has only just been discovered so keep an eye out. If you or one of your family or friends see one, then report it to pest control immediately. Have you seen one? Read on to decipher whether it was the bulb-beetle or not.




The majority of the bulb-beetle have an emerald like skin to camouflage into the nature around it. The beetle has a matt, dark green shell to protect it from all the surrounding danger. Amazingly, its bottom half is a bit different. It has dark blue legs that look like a peacocks feathers. Unusually, all of the beetles have an extraordinary bulb which lights their way on the dark and spooky nights. Have you seen this illuminate bulb in the foggy nights?


Special Abilities:


This creature can do some amazing things. The bulb-beetle hates the summer so it decides to hibernate in its shell. The shell has some sort of isolation to keep it cold when hibernating. They usually come out at the end of September because they will meet their end if it’s too hot. Its legs are so strong that they can jump up to 5 metres long and 3 foot high. This is because of their instinct to hunt and climb so it can jump on its prey and leap onto a tree trunk to climb it. If it gets abducted by a bird, then it will send out a silvery and deadly shockwave of venom. Its venom is so reflective that you can see it from anywhere in the range of 10 metres.




The bulb-beetle’s favourite food are moths. Almost all of them prefer munching on luna moths than anything else. Their tactics for hunting include: attracting moths using its bulb; and jumping out of trees when fly by. There are some beetles who have a special condition, which zoologists have not discovered yet. This makes eat plants instead. A team of animal safety recruits are inspecting the bulb-beetle to try and take a sample of blood to figure out whats in its DNA.




The bulb-beetle can be found in Ayr Carrick. Weirdly, they love cedar trees. They can live in the leaves until they die. It sometimes digs underground to create a resting place for when it has children.

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