sticky walking stick

 Sticky Walking Stick   

The sticky walking stick is an unbelievable insect just discovered in the north south . A group of frightened zoologists have found out more about the insect and abilities it can do .Well ,before going to the woods you need to find out more.What if it kills or saves us from other bugs?Read out more.



Interestingly ,it has a stick themed body to camouflage for attack.When you look at it so closely you can see bugs and fruits stuck to it.However ,it has a strong but poisonous body .One thing about the bug is that it uses it antennas to smell its food and forest.You won’t believe that it can attack quicker than the movement it does.


Special abilities :  

Amazingly, it is found as the quickest bug on earth.Well be careful because if it attacks it can be a painful bite which will sting you for 3 years.Mostly it uses poison where people mostly live and go .It has a really good sense of hearing.



This creature is a herbivore which means it won’t eat flesh or any meat .This creature will only eat:mango,papaya,avocado and kiwi.It might taste nice but it can not be eaten easily at least five of them need to dig in and share.For the babies they eat fruit in your garden .Mostly strawberry .When it is thirsty it will drink the coconut milk soo yummy.Sometimes they get treats and keep them until they are old enough to to go and make a new home.



This exclusives creature lives in a tropical island far away from uk somewhere in the south ,in a really hot place country where mostly people go on holiday .It mostly stays in the trees and in piles of leaves .The place the beast lives in is a peaceful place.

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