Rose-maple moth


The rose-maple moth is an extraordinary creature, who was only discovered five days ago. A team of zooligists were going through a rose field and spotted a baby rose-maple moth. They tried testing it but unfortunately it didn’t have any information about bigger rose-maple moths. The only thing that they found out was what it looks like and that all types of these creatures are herbivores . Would you be able to identify one or will you need to research every single thing? Instead of doing that read on to find out more.



This magnificent creature is an absolutely adorable insect has bubblegum pink skin, sunflower yellow wings with an elegant ruby red rose pattern and it has stubby little limbs that are very hairy and small. It also has big wide purple eyes that can spot roses and Durians from miles away, a mouth that chews all the roses and Durian, a stinger that makes you love the taste and smell of roses when it stings you and a beautiful leaf crown.


Special Abilities

When she or he is angry it will turn black and blue, when it’s happy it will turn yellow and red and start playing happy music, mainly his or her favourite music and the only rose that it holds is its pet and it shoots out maple syrup that makes you glued to the floor.



The majority of rose-maple moths only eat roses and drink maple syrup. But this one is unusual because it doesn’t just eat roses and drink maple syrup, it also eats the most smelliest fruit called a durian. The flavour is how it knows it’s a durian, a durian tastes like cheese, almonds, garlic and caramel all at once. Also it eats roses but it’s very picky with its rose colour choices . It only likes the most ruby red roses and the most bubblegum pink roses. Feed them the wrong ones and they will get angry. They also drink the finest maple syrup from the supermarket.Fun fact: they are allergic to green food.



This creature has five habitats! You will mainly find them at a rose field sleeping next to a rose or sleeping on top of the ruby red rose petals or hanging on one of the stems of a rose. Half the time they will be in a supermarket sleeping on top of a durian or inside one.

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