The Demi-Ash-Crawler

  The demi-Ash-Crawler



The demi-Ash-crawler is critically endangered, it’s extremely rare to see one, there are only four left in the world. It is a deadly creature, if you ever see one don’t touch it, it will kill you.



Surprisingly, the demi-ash-crawler has giant claws that can dig into the ground and hold him up so he doesn’t fall. It also has mouldy, canary yellow teeth that are as sharp as knives as well as burnt marks from ash and fire.


Dangerous features

Terrifyingly, the creature has a sharp, thin body. The demi-ash-crawler has really small eyes; they are even smaller than a snakes. It can breathe out two hundred and seven ashes a day. It can make an invisible protective barrier to save/protect himself from death.



Like a spider, the demi-ash-crawler climbs up the walls with his forty-six legs. It sleeps twenty-five minutes a week on a Thursday. Have you ever noticed that it can run across a whole field in less than five seconds? (which is very fast)



The most extraordinary thing about the demi-ash-crawler, is that it drinks more than twelve cans of coke a day, it also drinks blood (human blood only). It eats newborn babies and snakes on top of that it also eats lizards and geckos. Weirdly, it has a big appetite and can eat more than three babies a day! They sneak into graveyards and dig holes until he finds a baby to eat

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