The Mushroom-Tarantula is critically endangered and is now very rare to find. This creature is so venomous and the scientists are trying to catch one.




On top of its head is a magical mushroom hat with lazer plants growing out of it. It also has: a rock hard, stone forehead; black beady eyes staring into your soul; it can grow to about 10 cm long.


Dangerous Features:


Whenever the tarantula gets near you or you get near it, the body can start turning spiky and can become poisonous (to kill you). When they’re baby tarantulas they grow venomous stingers – if you get stung you either faint or die- so beware of those. As they crawl their legs grow thorns on the end to protect themselves from their predator. Be careful, and never NEVER touch their mushroom because you could get bitten or even poisoned.


Habitat and Diet:


The tarantula enjoys their dark spaces, where it’s gloomy and wet. They especially love it if it’s cramped and squished in small spaces. They are likely to be seen near a crocodile swamp, where they munch on leftover snake skin, and drink swamp water. It can be very talented and can manage to take a bite of their mushroom hat which is healthy for them.


Predators and Prey:


The tarantula aims for its prey – which is a snake- a peculiar animal for a tarantula’s prey. Their predator  is a crocodile which is bad for them because they drink from a crocodile’s swamp. The most extraordinary thing about the Mushroom-Tarantula is that it’ll hide when a baby crocodile frightens it. Do you think you’ll ever find one?

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