The stabbing butterfly



The  stabbing butterfly  looks nice and innocent  but it is not. It absolutely hates humans and you rarely  see it because it camouflages so you can’t spot it.It looks like a dragon in the air and it has black wings for the dark and it also  eats leftover snake skin.


Dangerous Features


It has a menounos tail that will kill you in 0.1 second  and has a  force field around it  so you can’t take it  or kill it.It has  horns that are sharp as knives that will poison you.The monster has antennas that can see anything and eyes on the wings for dark,and it has black wings that if you touch them you get shocked and then you pass out.




The extraordinary animal you can find  them in the trees but they are born and hatched in these big bushes or in caves deep in the forest it usually leaves it family at the age of 5 or 6 and  lives in a new home it usually does not like  the light or  sun it  likes dark places and shelter so it doesn’t get wet because if it does then  it won’t be able to fly.




This animal is  tremendously dangerous. I would not recommend  you go in the forest or near it. Even  if you enter the forest the wicked creature will not have it. It will just fly at you and aim  directly into your  heart so it permanently kills you  and it will  eat your flesh and bones, organs ,hearts , lungs! Beware if you see it  i would run and not stop running.

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