Chapter 1

It was a dark night in October. It was chucking it down in the centre of Troon town. The streetlights where shining but making shadows, where anything could be lurking.


Abedi put up his head hopping nobody would notice him, as he tried to walk through the gate the guard just noticed him, “Hey you get back here !”  The guard said angrily, getting his weapon ready for anything, Abedi walked over ” If you don’t have a pass your dead meet ” shouted the guard. Abedi said “no I do have a pass but I thought I wouldn’t need one because I was born in London, and the reason I am trying to get in is because I have deliveries to make” he said, speaking faster than professional rappers “Ok show me your pass and I will let you through ” asked the guard. Abedi handed over the pass and he walked through the gate.


In the rich part of Troon. It was thriving with people getting there Halloween decorations ready at last minute. The wind was still blowing like a pack of wolfs howling at the moon. He was keeping his head down hoping that nobody would try hurt him but then he bumped into someone the man said ” hey you watch it, ” the man shouted starring into Abedi’s eyes ” sorry ,” said Abedi giving him a wave but then the man said ” its ok ” but then he shoved Abedi into a dark and haunted alleyway, and the man shouted ” give me everything you own or your getting it ,” Abedi sprinted as fast as he could the opposite way and he then ran into a dead end ” I have got you know, ” said the man.


But then Abedi spotted something. It was a hole in the wall he had to go through it for his safety so he took a leap of faith and bounced through the hole.


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