Chapter 1 the secret

It was a mild spring morning in May. The beautiful pink cherry blossoms covered the burning bright streets of Japan. A few palm trees stretched their shadows across the cherry blossoms. 


Hanzo clutched his fist tight and holding his breath the light breeze slipped under his robe the spiked roof building and coming up to the futuristic towers and skyscrapers. 


It was 11:30 the dojo was still open he still had time. Apart from a second the streets were never silent with the bustle of the market people. 


He could see the checkpoint from now he did not like all the lights, but he had to his deliveries to the dojo on the other side of town this was the quickest way. 


Hanzo walked up to the checkpoint he gulped and stepped forward “hello there” said Hanzo “what do you want ” replied the guard ” need to make my deliveries to the dojo this is the quickest way” nervously said Hanzo 


The guards mumbled Hanzo could only make out the words should, boy, no and traitor so he did not know if he was in trouble or not the guards nodded their heads, he gulped again they said together you can go but as quick as possible. 


He walked through hoping they would not turn back but as soon as he thought he was safe he was jumped Hanzo elbowed the man and or woman he did not know who it was he ran oh no he sprinted  


He jumped into the old sanctuary where he uses to pray, he could hear the person crunching on the broken rocks he was stuck Hanzo looks back it was a bounty hunter but why no time to answer questions he hid in the temple, but the bounty hunter was at the door he screamed for help, but no one could hear them. 


 He done the only posable thing he could he prayed and wished for a miracle but nothing happened but when he opened his eyes he saw a dragon and it turned into a bow with one arrow he picked it up he did not do much archery and was not good at it but when he picked it up he had power coursing through his veins he shot he arrow and the bounty hunter was bleeding on the floor. 


After he put the bow down it turned back into the dragon Hanzo could feel it is mythical presents and Hanzo went over to the bounty hunter he said ” you were chosen by the divine dragon ” but before the bounty hunter could reply he was dead.  


The dragon said in a faint voice “I chose you for a purpose don’t disappoint me I will be here you need to collect five things” “what” replied Hanzo ” the blood of a demon, the scales of a fire lizard, a tear of a moon owl, a dragons tooth and your brothers love” before He could reply it was gone and so he left on his way to the dojo. 

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