Tyger Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Gracie

It was a cold winter’s evening, and frost fell from the trees smearing coldness over Yate. The very little street lights lead people home as they tried not to get lost in the gloom. Fog gripped to every wall, making it impossible for anyone to see anything.

Jasmine was walking down the street of Yate Leisure Centre when a mountain of frost, cold, snow hit her. The frost laid on the concrete digging through people’s shoes, making it nearly impossible to move. People’s legs nearly frost to a bone.

But Jasmine Frank couldn’t careless, she walked further and further into the abyss shoving her hands deep into her pockets. She walked past millions of people: holding their hoods with all their grip, a little girl wearing her father’s coat, and someone sat on the path waiting for warmth. But she couldn’t help them she had to get to her place. Finally, she arrived at the checkpoint.

She was terrified. If she didn’t end up getting in her whole family would be more than disappointed. Soldiers marched up to people one by one checking their checkpoint passes. Jasmine’s belly tightened as she watched people’s unhappy faces walk back. This meant the world to her. She had to get in.


“Hurry up!” said the soldier marching up to Jasmine. He held out a sweaty hand that looked like he had been doing this for century. He looked at the picture of Jasmine whilst looking her up and down.  “So why are you leaving your village?” said the soldier, wiping his nose with his hand.

“I am here to deliver a pair of shoes to Gloucestershire” said Jasmine crossing her fingers and hoping for the best.

“Hm,” said the soldier, “fine off you go!” the soldier said pushing her along.


With a sigh, Jasmine entered into the posh, smart street of Gloucestershire. She was shocked. She had never seen a place so clean. Here there was people in suits and fancy dresses. Jasmine was embarrassed, she was the only person there not wearing a dress or a suit. Whilst people looked her up and down, she carried on walking. It wasn’t a busy street, it was like nobody had even heard of it. But you know this place has to be posh when you have to do a fifty-minute test just to see if your posh enough to get in.


Jasmine started to stare at the enormous tall buildings that people lived in. She was felt like she was going to be blinded, there was white walls and yellow bright lights outside of every door like they are guarding The King’s Place.


Jasmine’s mind filled with rage. If only people like her got to live like this, no rats, horses as cars and clean houses. She would give her enemy all her money just to live this life. She squeezed the shoe box, making her hands red and sweaty. Sadly, she was only there to deliver a box of posh pink shoes. Jasmine felt someone kick the back of her legs. She turned around in shock struggling to stay on two feet. It was her old friend from years ago. She was powerless to save


herself from the hands that grabbed her hard and led her down a misty dark passageway.


“Let me have it,” a deep voice shouted at Jasmine, demanding the parcel out of her hands, “as well as everything in your pockets.” Jasmine tip toed backwards, looking back to see the perfect moment to escape. She ran as fast as she could, quicker than ever, so fast that sweat piled up in her t-shirt. But her and her parcel we trapped. Millions of soldiers greeted her at the door, guarding her escape.


She had to escape, she had no choice. Crouching, she barged through the ten men one by one trying to make an easy escape. The smell of the men standing there in a hot room was revolting, Jasmine thought holding her nose whilst crawling on the floor. She came out of the dark hot room and realized, she had escaped.


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