Derick Darwin

It was a gloomy day in October. The mist had consumed Brandon by that point, the lifeless alleyways stood in silence and held anything that could be lurking.


It was this day that Derick Darwin had a few deliveries to the wealthier part of town. He didn’t have a good coat, but it’ll have to do. As he headed to crown street (which was where the checkpoint was) it seemed his coat became looser and looser.


When he got to the checkpoint, he saw Melvin. Melvin’s attitude was the worst, it was like his feelings were dull and nothing else.


As he let someone through he immediately shouted “Next!!” Derrick then took a step, “can I pa-” “checkpoint pass!” (How rude is he?) Derick thought to himself. “Here you go…” “proceed.” As he walked he could hear a loud, “next!!” in the distance.

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