Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Outside, the sun shines like a lightbulb and there is not a cloud in sight. Inside, Duhan struggled to find a good place to hide, the run-down, old abandoned warehouse was all broken and dirty. Parts of shattered glass lay on the floor, walls were collapsed and the floors were covered with dust. To his dismay, he realised he was trapped. There was no way out.


In the doorway, the dangerous man stood still and stared into Duhan’s soul, flashing a knife at him…


…but suddenly, something crashed through the wall and stood between Duhan and the man. Duhan realised that the animal was a lion, golden fur, bold green eyes, its legs looked as strong as tree trunks and its teeth were so sharp, it could pierce anything.


It was huge, the biggest Duhan had ever seen, it was death staring the man with the knife, the lion obviously knew that the knife was a threat as he continued to growl and stare at the man, who sprinted away, like a lightning bolt crying for his mum.


The lion turned around and lay in front of Duhan, he realise that the lion was bleeding. Duhan ran his hand down the back of the lion, calming the graceful but ferocious animal. He could smell the scent of sand and he could feel the heat of the desert.


They stared at each other, feeling a connection already starting to get ready, they seemed to like each other as well, or at least Duhan thinks they do. The tigers eyes looked like they had kindness, but also they had a chunk of sadness.


Suddenly, the lion spoke to Duhan, “Please help me,” groaned the animal desperately, “We must find the portal.” Its voice was soft, but it had a stern side to it as well.


Duhan slowly nodded, but he was confused. He didn’t know what the lion meant, but he would protect this animal, just like it protected him. “They will come for me again, I can’t be taken away” the animal exclaimed, there was a sound of worry in his voice.


Half an hour later, Duhan and the lion were staring out on Edinburgh city center, the lion went to rest in the middle of the room and Duhan kept watch, it had been a long day.

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