chapter 2

Outside a sharp claw of lightning crackled in the sky and thunder growled  overhead. Inside David limped through the run down school worriedly looking for somewhere to hide. Old chalk boards lined the walls, dusty desks scattered around and broken wooden chairs like a animal ripped them apart. to his absolute horror there was a tall brick wall. there was no way out. 


Behind him the terrifying lady was grinning intently, holding a tooth like knife in her hand, David squealed…


…but suddenly he felt a shaking In the ground , a low deep growl  came from behind him. And as he looked behind him he saw a pair of moon like eyes appear from the shadows and a flash of grey and white burst from it and stood between him and the lady.


It was a giant. Huge and moon like. David realised  in an instant what it was it was a giant wolf  as hit looked through the hole in the roof and howled at the moon. 

And straight away the thief ran for it.


The wolf lay on the ground next to David. He sat his head down but when he looked at the wolf he could see it was gravely injured on its ribs as a squirt of blood gashed out. He had never been so close to such a magnificent beast. He could smell a woodland tree in its fur and its pelt squashed together on his back.


They stared mesmerized by each other but jo could feel the creature gaze freeze him seeping deeper into him but his fear started to melt away as the wolf gave him a big lick on his hand it felt rough her eyes froze like the moon. He could tell this creature was kind but he could see a river of sadness.


But at that moment he spoke in a soft voice that comforted him it was beautiful. It was a voice of cloud and wind and fire. “I need your help now” she slowly said ” we have to find the door”.


David sat stunned was nodding his head in disbelief as he know what had to be done. “my enemy’s draw closer every day,” said the wolf


Forty minutes later. David was headed for the old harbour that everyone is terrified of but he had already been here hundreds of times looking at the fish flop about in the sea. David and the wolf turned to a old fish cabin and David decided to hide the wolf inside .

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