Chapter 2






Chapter 2



Outside, a jagged bolt of lighting danced along the sky and thunder roared louder 

Than shotguns. Inside, Cameron danced through the room, searching desperately for somewhere to hide. Ottiline Drive blow around in the crazy winds, robots stomped around keeping guard for an intruder and the lampposts almost shivering. To his horror, he could just make out there was no way to escape. He was trapped.


Behind him, he could just make out the shadow of a woman standing a couple feet Infront of him a knife in their hand. Cameron gasped…


… but at that moment, Cameron could catch a sent of fresh air like jungles climate. Something growled in the corner of the dark room. He looked over his shoulder and saw a pair of bright green eyes staring at him. It was it was a jaguar blacker than the night sky, she leapt over Cameron’s head and landed between him and the woman, the woman screamed a deafening scream and jumped down from the window. 


It was massive its eyes more green than grass its fur as black as coal what a beast it was.


The jaguar turned and knelt down in front of Cameron, resting her head on the floor. He could see that she was bleeding he imediliaty wrapped his jumper around her cut. He had never been so close to such a big beast. He could almost smell the jungle and picture it in his head.


They stared at each other Cameron’s fear walked out his head and he could almost feel their brains connecting they were bonding. Cameron put out his hand she sniffed and that gave it a big wet lick, her pink rough tung felt like a boulders back.


It was then she spoke. A low, clear voice that seemed to fill the room. It spoke, “I need your help, “she calmy said,” we must find the portal.”


Cameron nodded, as if all the words were as clear as  water he would risk his life to save this beautiful beast. As she saved his. ” she will come back the woman but with the guards so I need to move quick.”


20 minutes later, Cameron and the jaguar were staring at the deep blue sea from the abandoned harbour. “also my name is Jess,” she said, “ok, I’m Cameron.” Jess slept Cameron kept watch.

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