Chapter 2

Outside, the glistening night sky filled with wild dots of light, but rain falls. Inside, Abedi panted around the abandoned ware house searching for a hiding spot, and he needed it desperately. Old toilets were scattered around the floor, smashed windows were every ware and there were a lot of skeletons ? To his surprise, there was the world cup in a trophy cabinet. He was stressed.


Infront of him, there was the man with a knife gleaming in is hand. Abedi screamed …


… but at that moment, there was a giant sound it was like a growl a light growl. Then strate out of the blue there was a ginormous artic fox leaped over Abedi’s head, Abedi was in pure shock he had no idea what to do. Its light blue eyes gazed into Abedi sole, it was purely wight and it was almost five times the size of a normal artic fox.


The Fox limped over to Abedi, not knowing what to do Abedi backed away, but then he got a cent of blood and pain he could see that the beast was in some sort of discomfort and then he decided to put his hand out and hope for the best. 


The beast put its giant head onto Abedi’s hand, then the fox said in a light voice “can you pull out this dagger” Abedi looked at his chest and there was a ginormous dagger stuck in the fox, Abedi tried and tried to pool it out and then woosh out came the dagger and the fox was set free.


“A that feels better” exhaled the fox he said in a high pitched voice “now I can talk to you properly said the fox” I really need to find a thing called the gateway will you find it for me”?


Abedi stepped back staggered at how a Artic fox is able to talk, and then as iff he lost control of his body he gave the fox a thumbs up as iff he new exactly what to do. ” the evil people will be back soon” said the Fox ” I should hide”.


Half an hour later, Abedi and the fox had creeped through the raving streets of Glasgow. And they made to a hiding spot it was a deserted bin place and there was not a single sol who would dare to come hear, but to Abedi it was his happy place. Abedi said to the fox “you will be safe hear ” the fox nodded and fell asleep. And Abedi kept watch.

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