Chapter 2 of more trouble

Chapter 2 of more trouble

Outside, the wind howling with the cold breeze and the grey 

clouds letting no sun through not even one bit of light Izzy Grande pushed through the wind until everything goes pitch black she didn’t know what to do she didn’t know where she was she didn’t know who she was with until a weird hissing 

Voice said hello she didn’t know what to say back or what to do back so she just shut her eyes and then she opened them 

Because she realised she was TRAPPED!


The blackness disappeared and she saw she was in a dungeon with hand cuffs around her wrists she tried to pull at them but it didn’t even make a dent she didn’t see anyone she almost thought she was in a dream but she knew she wasn’t even though she wished she was and then footsteps coming down the spiral old stairs so Izzy just decided to pretend she was sleeping and after the footsteps went away she heard a voice say Don’t be afraid come with me she cried no I don’t know you go away!


A huge enormous jaguar jumped through the windows she said go I don’t want you to get hurt too but the jaguar sliced the hand cuffs of her wrist she said thank you and the jaguar looked at it back so Izzy thought the jaguar must want me to hop on its back so that is what she did with no fear.


The jaguar broke the wall down and escaped together with out knowing what they where going to do.    


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