Riley and the abandoned building

Outside , it was raining super heavy and there was lightning.  Riley saw a building that looked abandoned and he walked inside and he shouted “Hello is anyone here?” and he got no response so he continued walking through the building. Then he saw a man with a knife and had a big black cloak on and then the man looked at him and started running at him. Riley saw him running at him he turned into Forest Gump and ran like the wind. Riley out ran the man and found a big crate and hid behind it, the man walked to the crate and found Riley and put his knife up in the air getting ready to stab him once his hand was in the air!! Then,  something grabbed his wrist. Riley looked up and saw a huge hairy black gorilla and then the gorilla grabbed the man and flung him against the wall. Riley saw he had a chance to escape so he ran as fast as he could and looked everywhere and couldn’t find an exit and he finally realised there’s no escape…



The gorilla found Riley and then the gorilla started talking and Riley was shocked the gorilla was talking and. The gorilla was asking for help and Riley asked what he needed help with and the gorilla said to escape this place. Riley told him the bad news that there’s no escape and the gorilla said there has to be and Riley said he wants to leave Aswell but he can’t and then. Riley had a suggestion and then the gorilla said what’s the plan then Riley said how about you try to break the walls since you’re so strong. The gorilla said Hes tried that many times and it never works but then Riley noticed something he looked like. This mythical creature cause they both have glowing orange eyes and they both have six fingers on one hand.

Riley asked the gorilla if Hes him? and the gorilla said he is the gorilla and Riley couldn’t believe it but he just stayed calm. The gorilla said how come you are asking? Riley said he was just wondering and they carried on. Then Riley saw a window and said to the gorilla look there’s a window! Riley ran to the window and looked out of it. To his horror there were a dozen of people in black cloaks walking in the building. Riley told the gorilla and said there’s loads of people in cloaks coming in the building and the gorilla said what are we going to do?. Riley said to the gorilla how about you take them down with your strength the gorilla said I will try to. 

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