Chapter 2 the awakening

Chapter 2- the awakening.


Outside, a heavy hail storm started plummeting down across the lonely area of rubble and life, it then rained. Inside, Tara ran through dusty untouched cobwebs and brutal life taking debris from lightning strikes. It left nowhere to hide except from near danger. In the whole building there was no sign of safety then out of the grey, lightning hit the doorway and the overweight bricks barricaded the door. There was no way out.


Watching her, the creepy man, in an all black cloak, sat there at a glistening lamppost; a small flash illuminated the axe in his hand. Tara squealed…


At that moment something howled angrier than a hate filled room. Not only was there one haunting man’s eye, but two red bloodshot eyes glared at me. As two large thangs covered in blood chomped angrily at the human. Separating her and him.


It was large. Massive and black. Tara opened her eyes wider and saw she was opposite a black panther. It pounced forward holding its position frightening the man had legged it. Tara was chained to the spot where her eyes grew with scarring fear.


As the panther blobbed down less than a foot away from her feet panting, then something caught her eye. A massive flint shaped hole of red blood like lava spreaded like water on a paper towel. She had never been inches away from a flesh eating animal before. The area is filled with a muddy forest like odour and gazed as its white whiskers twitched on her face.


Intensive staring began like a middle school competition, and Tara felt like it was sizing her up, feeling a spark going deeper for trust and she stuck her head out then the panther joined heads. Then licking her face with disgust and love. The panther’s eyes saw the tragedies and deeds Tara has done in her lifetime.


After an awkward silence it spoke. A deep manly pitched voice, ascended and spoke “ I need your assistance now!” the animal oppressed Tara, “ We have to find the gateway.”


Tara gazed back at its head indicating with her head yes she will help the panther. In her head she knew she trusted and wanted to help this creature with anything.

“ They will be back,” stated the panther, “ At once I must hide.”


After what felt like an hour, Tara and the panther snuck into the lonely streets, down into a warehouse by London road.The rare chance of witnessing a human roaming this area. Rumours state that many soldiers roam this area from several armies in these buildings Tara took a step. Usually she sat enjoyably watching a famous murder mystery show on channel 103. The poor wounded panther huddled helplessly in a shadowy corner. Tara scouted the  area.

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