Chapter 3

X woke up with a start; the mammoth still slept. Outside, he could hear people shouting. Looking through a crack in the old food stand, he saw a bunch of soldiers running into the ruins of the Hydro. X woke the mammoth up. It looked at him with its huge green eyes, wondering why it had been woken up. He covered the tip of its trunk with his hands to show that it had to not make any sound. Someone shouted commands at the soldiers; the mammoth loudly grunted; X squeaked. 


Crawling backwards towards the entrance to the seating area in the main room, X beckoned the mammoth. It silently shuffled across the floor towards him. Crouching down, they hid behind some old, ruined seats. 


At that moment, someone burst through the door. There was a pause, someone was trying to hear something. Beams of light went right over and past there hiding spot; footsteps echoed; the soldiers began to look. Looking out of a hole in one of the seats, dark shadows moved. A freezing, December gust blew through the roof. Shivering, X lay beside the mammoth. They would have to wait this out and run once the soldiers were gone.


It seemed like an eternity, but it had probably only been a hour when the soldiers left. It was early morning now and in the orange sunlight, the mammoth spoke to X… without opening its mouth. Their minds seemed to be connected as it said it had to reach a hatch. A hatch that would lead to it’s world where there were no hunters.


X had an idea that maybe the hatch was on front of the statue with the cone on its head. He checked her trunk. It was still bleeding; It was getting weaker by the hour. He wondered if they would make it to the statue.


X had to find the hatch to help the mammoth. So only the sun saw the two figures, the ancient beast and the boy trying to get to the middle of the abandoned city, They made there way, street by street avoiding soldiers, in a deadly game of hide and seek.

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