Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Duhan woke sweating; the lion continued to snore. A shout came from outside, there were guards arguing, while the rest of the group tried to break down the door to the warehouse. Duhan’s heart started to pound. The leading guard bellowed orders; the lion tossed and turned; Duhan froze.


Shuffling across the dirty floor, Duhan whispered to the wolf to get up. He got up and slowly strode toward Duhan. He gathered up large pieces of old machinery so then they would be impossible to find. They all went under the little fort that Duhan had made so then it would be impossible to find them.


Suddenly, the door swung open and there was sounds of marching footsteps all over the building. Then there was silence, it was like the guards were listening for the slightest syllable. Mist hovered; shadows moved; voices echoed; footsteps ran. Duhan could feel the lion was shivering with fear. He was scared to but they had to wait this out.


It seemed like they were waiting for hours, but it was probably only twenty minutes by the time the guards left. It was night time, and the stars shone and the moon beamed. The streets were dark and mysterious figures lurked in the shadows. The lion suddenly spoke, but when Duhan looked at him, the voice continued but the lions mouth wasn’t moving. Their minds were communicating with each other. The lion explained that they had to find a gateway. This gateway would take them back to his world. A world where he is not hunted.


Duhan thought that the gateway would just be walking through a certain gait, but the lion told him otherwise. This gateway looked more like a portal. Nervously, Duhan approached the lions wound, he winced every time he looked at it. Duhan was told that the portal was right at the border of Edinburgh. There were big walls there, and that’s where all the thugs hang out. It was a dangerous journey. Duhan didn’t know if he would make it.


Duhan was worried that his family would think he is dead, and if he returned they would think he was a ghost. But he couldn’t do anything about that. The lion and the boy started to make their journey toward the border. They were locked in a deadly game of hide and seek.

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