chapter 3

All of a sudden,he heard a noise. He heard footsteps in the distance . A torch light beamed in the darkness ; footsteps screamed. The gerd was coming . Kyle opened his eyes and prayed that the guard was gone… But he wasn’t. 


“ We must find a better hiding spot “ whispered Kyle

“ But were,” said the panther.

Kyle got up and tried to get the panther up but it was very hard because of the wounds that she had. They decided to hide behind the counter , which was a better and taller hiding spot. 


He saw a shadow and wanted to just wait it out because he knew that it was just going to be guard and he didn’t want him and the panther to get taken away.  


The panther said we needed

  to get to the gate way which was the church and that was very scary and frail. 


The sun had started to set which meant that it was getting darker and darker. They needed to start making their way there. People were looking at them while they were trying to sneak there. They saw lots of posters about the panther. But finally t

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