The abandoned park

Hardly daring to breath, Abigail walked slowly through an abandoned park. At that moment, she heard a growl and a snarl as she crept through the park’s laughs. Petrified , she ran to the nearest ride and hid. Slowly, she put on her torchlight and shone on the darkness just searching to find what had made the noise. Shaking,she crept slowly from behind the ride. Outside, she looked in every single corner to find the mysterious creature, Abigail crept into the fun house. Inside she stop for a moment,then she walked up the stair were she saw a shadow running in the window.As she walked through the whole park she saw it again, it was there just there in the corner , it looked at Abigail with cold eyes. Then in a quick way Abigail ran way home as fast as she could. Then the next day she came back with silence in her and went inside.

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