Chapter 3 – the run away

Chapter 3-the runaway

After a couple of hours,Liam woke up to the sound of guards shouting and lanterns glittering in the night sky .In a panic Liam looked around for the rhino ,finally he found her and calmed down and told rhino to wake up.She finally got up and heard the guards shouting.Both of them began to worry but they both calmed down and state calm.

Liam stood up and walked to the opposite door,which lead to a different room.Liam shouted and then the rhino came running .It turned out that the door had a code.Rhino went down and looked for any numbers .Liam did the same.Then out of nowhere,five numbers appeared under the table and Liam ran back to the door and tried the numbers.Rhino heard the door opening so she rushed to the door then both ran out to the other side of the house .A whisper of an old, deep voice flew to Liam’s ear ,with a rush Liam shut the door and shouted to the rhino to hide because the guards heard the door rumble.

After a minute of planning, Liam thought that if they run away to an old place they wouldn’t get caught .Suddenly ,a creek from the floor rang out through the building as someone was there inside behind the door where Liam and rhino exited .There were lanterns glittering ;guards screams echoed;deep muddy footsteps crunched in the snow outside.Liam was shocked as a guard whisper shifted towards him and he saw there shadows shaped like demons.Liam was cuddling the rhino so he could protect him from the wintry wind.He stood up and told the rhino to run to a different hiding place.

After running,Liam found an old-fire station (which just stood there),
Liam told rhino to run to the old wooden table and hide under it .After sometime ,the guards began to track there footsteps so he went in and found a big bucket he ran back and got some snow (that froze people’s feet ) Liam chucked the snow over the footsteps that they made.The guards stopped and did not see any footsteps.

Although the guards lost track they searched every building until the last palace… the fire-station.After running away they found the gate way but there were loads of boxes and guards standing around it .So Liam and rhino had to make a new plan.

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