As David and the animal run like the wind blows, they were eventually safe from danger but just to be safe the hopped onto a bus into Glasgow. Once they got to the city centre they got stares, but not a lot because it was practically empty because it was early so they went Over to try and find the gateway they ran around like mad. As they approached Hanley’s there were guards.


David and the gorilla rushed away down to an antiques shop where they seeked help from an elderly lady. She said the gateway is all the way down back at Hanley’s so they rushed back in hope that the guards would still be out looking for David and the animal where looking around Hanley’s for the guards but they were nowhere to be found so they ran in and found the gateway it was bright and beautiful and it was the gorillas home. And by the way said the gorilla my name is Sundae as he disappeared into thin air.

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