the graffiti gateway

they walked to a piece of graffiti overflowing with gold. They heard disembodied voices getting closer and out of the shadows arose dogs and policemen. Sumit said, “We have no quarrel with you, so don’t hurt us. Are we free?” The police said, “You’ve been on private property, sir. We’re gonna have to ask you to come in safely with no restraint or we will have no choice other than to tase you.” Sumit said, “But officer,” and got cut off. The officer said, “Don’t raise your voice, young sir.” Sumit said, “But I didn’t.”

But before you could blink, the crab was gone and up on a building. It was making a sound like a war cry. Before you knew it, a creature with short-haired brownish rodent with blunt snout, short legs, small ears, and almost no tail – it was a capybara – scared the police away. And the animals and Sumit all walked into the fiery gold with life spewing out and graffitied on was an angel guiding you through the gateway. The end…

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