Dance class:


Are you in the mood for dancing?Do you want to express yourself with dance?Do you feel motivated? If so, we recommend you to join our marvellous dance classes.


We promise our sessions are the most  funnest out of them all, dancing to many different songs, even your favourite; and you get to make new friends, from having 20+ people in 1 class – which is all in 1 village hall waiting to be used by you.  


Our dance sessions gives so many benefits: 

  • Learning new dance moves, to help move your body.
  • Being an amazing dancer, leading you to show off wherever you are.
  • Listening to music and beats.
  • Fabulous dances to perform.
  • A cheap price to pay, making it afordable. 


Alot of people love are classes!

“ My daughter has been such a great dancer ever since she joined, I definitely recommend it,” Charlotte, aged 30 from London.


The purchase is promised to give you  a lifetime of goodness: making you feel more happy and moveable; Shows to perform, which you can feel proud of; and the feeling of being a great dancer.


So, join are fabulous fantastic classes. Just visit us near the village hall if not, attend online zoom classes at See you soon and say hello.


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