Visit Glamping Matters and Adventures

Visit Glamping Matters and Adventures


Are you about to set off on a fantastic adventure? 

Does your glamping equip?

Are you still trying to find a perfect caravan to rent?

If so, you need to visit our shop for all the appliances 

needed and unbeatable offers. 


We own all of our traditional goods, everlasting 

clothes and the perfect caravans ever – all at 

unbeatable prices that anyone can afford and 

ideal for all adventures.


Everything is specially made to fit your likings such 


  • The finest clothes made from cotton
  • Caravans for sale with everything needed
  • The fluffiest blankets ever
  • Headtorches and torches
  • Tents with a double waterproof layer
  • Cozy liners for your tent or bed


Plus – Are you not sure what to buy? The First-time 

equipment pack is our biggest recommend. Be 

alerted for any type of dangerous journey or a 

hazard route.


Bound to be skint from getting equipment from 


Be no stranger to our shop!


Why be scared off by Ghouls and Goblins? When 

you can keep them mesmerized from the word

‘LEAVE’. Yes, you too can shop till you drop… and 

if you do, why don’t have a bite of our energy 

boosting cereal bar?


All buyers are amazed with:

a. An adjustable suitcase that can stretch if

you have no room left.

b. A buy on get one free with anything under

twenty-five pounds.

c. A map that only appears at dusk


Come shop now and be the first one to have 

their own personalized equipment. Yes, we

can engrave your initials into you’re appliances.


A seven year guarantee on every item, including:

  • Furniture
  • Star-light
  • Everlasting materials
  • Rust-proofing for rainy occasions
  • Riddle book, incase of bridge monsters


“Many new customers have been blown away, 

from the things they have bought.”


Order now on 

or visit your local shop at the west side of town. 

We are open twenty-four hours, seven days a 


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