Do you need a new instrument? Do you enjoy listening to music? If so, come to Mad Music and buy all the things you need.


Our shop is the best music shop you could ever go to! We have wonderful music equipment (especially guitars), we have excellent deals, we’ll appreciate it if you order something, aah, I forgot to mention, we have coupons you can get. You will get more if you buy more stuff, it depends how much you buy. We have more on our website – – shop now to have your life full of music. Also you can get a free discount the first time you come.


Come down to our amazing shop! Get down here now before everything is sold out! We restock! If you’re quick enough you could also get our new, on offer, electric guitar!


You’re going to love the instruments we sell here. You might want to check out our device section, we give our free airpods to the people who pay for our subscription (which is £5.00 a month). You will want to visit us again.


Everything here is made out of the finest materials; the guitars have the best strings, oh and one more thing, the drums have a great beat to them when you bang the drum sticks on them.


“It’s crazy, I just heard that their new drum set was sold in less than half an hour!” by Adam Cheesy at 10:15 this morning. Come to our shop and see: an electric guitar; keyboard for £89.95 and a drum set.


At our shop you can B.O.G.O.F (Buy one get one free) also you can get 30% off of guitars. Oh, also we do have an app instead of going to our website or to our shop. It’s called Mad Music.


We have a music machine; a delicate DJ; a fancy flute and even a quiet lute.


We have stuff you can try out like: 





.A radio


In our shop we have a cafe you can go to, if you’re hungry or thirsty, and just to let you all know our opening times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, also every Friday night and Sunday morning we get celebrities come perform.


Come and visit Mad Music today and try out one of your instruments at our stage. Have a great day!

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