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I strolled into a dazzling forest. I saw a toffee coloured bunny hopping around the tall, brown trees. A beaming sun shining on the colourful forest. A dazzling gold dust day gecko on one of tall, hola tree.

The Tropical Forest

We wandered into the hot, steamy tropical forest. There before us were tress’s laden with nuts and berries.  A colourful mix of green, red, yellow and purple flowers waved in the breeze as butterflies fluttered along.  A gecko was climbing up the bark  avoiding the resin dripping from the tree. We stopped to take it all in.

The forest

I wandered into the forest and I saw a cute little cat sitting on a tree stump but looks can be deceiving, actually the cat was a demon CAT! I was terrified how was I going to get away. Luckily a GIANT neon day gecko jumped into the scene and got me on his back and I rode home and to this day my arm is still lost in misery.

My Opening

the abandoned treehous lights flikered wile the crows flyed by 

the trees lite up like the beaming sun on a hot day

the silent  haunted people wile they strutted down the hill

I wonder how a well known street has became so gloomy could it be …

when ever u leave a trail

she follows you …

always look behind your back when you cross the trail of this eerie forest

Betty and the burger

Betty got on the bus and found…

A flying BURGER!

The burger chased Betty rapidly!

When Betty thought she was safe…

The Burger came back !


The Burger shrank and…

Betty ate the Burger!


The bike

This expensive bike is now rusty and old now like grandad’s.

The bike is like the bark of an ancient tree under the ground.

The bike is like a camouflaged lizard that is not camouflaged.