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the relentless razor wing *by Elijah*

the relentless Razor wing is a very spiky dragon. it can dig into the ground using its spikes, it digs into the ground so fast water comes out of the ground. it is called a cutter gusher. it needs help because it doesn’t have many left of its kind. are you the one to help razor wings pleas do. your reward will be 200,000 moneys and a chance to have your own pet razor wing.


Are you brave?, Are you strong? Does a dragon scare you? Then you are the hunter we need to capture the Chines frost Dragon. This is what you will get. 

  • £1,000,000,000,000 to build a castle. IO,OOO KNIGHTS.

The spooky dragons by Ethan

There was once a dragon, he was a prince of all the dragons. He said “Dear dragons, I would like to send you to kill all the humans so they are all dead.”

The knight dragons were sent out with the queen riding on one of their backs from the highest mountain you’ve ever seen, it almost reaches above the clouds! They live up here so no one can see them. The king said “Go and attack now so that all humans are dead.”

The humans were screaming and running away, but they weren’t fast enough to escape the speedy knight dragons. The fire dragons followed behind, burning the villages down.

Suddenly, the marshmallow dragon, having been roasted by the fire dragons, awoke. He ended up helping the other dragons by squishing all the humans into his pillowy scales. When he transforms into a marshmallow, everything around him shrinks, which makes it easy for him to swallow them up. He grows and eats everything in his path.

Fire dragon

There are different breeds of dragons, but the most iconic dragon is the Fire dragon. Most fire dragons live in roasting hot place, such as Africa, Australia and other countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            They have red scales on their back and enormous demon horns. Amazingly they have mouths that blow fire out of. Huge yellow wings the size of cars.








The time dragon

The time dragon lives in clocks and people’s watches.

Like most dragons they can mind controlled and have the deep dread in their eyes.

They have the power to give people heart attacks how they do this still stays a  mystery.

Their scales swirl with the mysteries of the universe.




Among us part 1

Red was venting blue following and pink watching, as soon as pink saw she raced to the report button not knowing there was a third imposter. Suddenly orange came out of nowhere and pink saw orange behind her luckily she dogged the knife and ran to click the emergency button.

The shadows of the nature

One dark night, Lucian cautiously walked into a deserted village. Suddenly, shadows started to srouned

Lucian. What should he do?  He  decided to run through the black shadows. He found a dead body, it had blood oozing out of its mouth, vague pits of  skin disappeared of its body. Then bricks started  to fall, glass shattered. Lucian shivered.  He ran and ran with a dead body in his hands, his heart bonded, lungs burning… the floor disappear.                                                                                                                      

The Deadly Night

It was a dark night. Thunder struck the tree nearby and almost hit Anna. She screamed and shivered with fear and as she ran away she ran straight into a tree. There was something behind her. She looked but there was nothing there. Fog covered the streets making it hard for her to find her way. She headed towards the light but as she got there the lights turned out.

Anna ran towards an old, creepy looking mansion. She tumbled through the door and slammed it shut. Wind whistled through a broken window next to her. She crept upstairs but suddenly a bright red eye rolled down the stairs next to her! Where had it come from?