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What are?

What are pretty?

A group of daffodils dancing in the wind of serenity, beautiful blue butterflies and a turquoise teddy cuddled up under a baby blue blanket.

What are cold?

An amazing smooth chocolate ice cream, a frosty fence at the front of school and a lions heart when it is all alone.

What are hot?

A sunny day, a red hot sand and a cake when it has just come out of the oven.

What are empty?

A cardboard box, a lonely leopards heart and a juice bottle after you have just drank it.

What are shiny?

A million dollar diamond, a piece of glistening brand new piece of glass and a piece of cold ice.

What are?

What are easily lost?

Time is easily lost when your playing with your friends and within a click, it’s time to go inside and go to sleep under shining stars.

What are cold?

A heart when it’s been broken for years and not been mended, filled with tears and cut in half.

What are lonely?

A dog when its beloved owners leave for work waiting and waiting in the cold breeze for its parents to arrive at the cottage door.

What are memorable?

A bowl that has been in an old, grumy cottage for centuries and every year a family of four visit to see the bowl that everyone loves.

What are hot?

An overwhelming  with a roast dinner inside ready to feed the whole family.

My what are poem

What are small? A grain of sugar sitting fragile in a sugar jar on the marble counters of the kitchen.

What are cold? Refreshing,cool ice cubes in a glass of lemonade swirling in the summer breeze.

What are cruel? Witches brewing potions at the top of thier tower,vines covering every rotten square.

What are dull? The gloomy clouds covering the midnight moon as everyone drifts to sleep.

The angel baby

I want to paint an angel baby beautiful upon the moonlight. A curious owl its big eyes scanning a tree . A star, golden and shimmering granting wishes. The feeling of the cold breeze whistling through the  cold twinkling night . The sound of the Angels singing upon a cloud . The smell of a scented candle, burning inside a house.  The feeling of a pillow comforting a child, the curtains as they sway like a ghost. The memory of before, when she was tucked up into bed. The faint sound of the TV playing, A parent’s favourite movie. The sound of children whispering to sleep .

The angel baby looking

From the sky


I want to paint

I want to paint


I want to paint

a bright blue flower shining in the astonishing sunlight, as it sways in the breeze, a dash hound running across squelchy, disturbing the dirty mud, the sound of leaves as they get trampled on by dogs of many kind, the taste of water against a cold, dry throat, in the wind



I want to paint a bright rainbow along the horizon, with colours of many.  I want to paint the smell of a farm filled with horses that are ready to be ridden.  I want to paint the taste of a fresh apple crumble, sitting in a supreme bowl.


I want to paint

a cup of coffee sitting on the marble counter waiting for its next acquaintance, a monkey swinging from branch to branch in the howling wind, grass underneath muddy shoes finding it hard to breathe, a chandelier hanging of the cieling, holding on for dear life.



I want to paint the smell of a flower garden blossoming in the hot air.  I want to paint a dress covered in illuminous sparkles.  I want to paint a cottage covered in ivy green vines covering the old,creaky door.

I want to paint.

I want to paint, a smooth shell of a turtle, shining in the shimmering sun, swimming in th Atlantic Ocean

I want to paint, the sound of the wind on the mountain top, swirling around the sharp bramble.

I want to paint, a dog rubbing it’s back in the mud, getting dirtier and dirtier, as it starts sinking

I want to paint, a sun setting on the horizon, as the trees are waving, knocking people over.

I want to paint, a bee getting pollon from a plant, carrying it on the back legs, taking it back to the bee hive.

I want to paint, a girl reading a book, under a old oak tree, next to the park, full of excited children.

I want to paint,a dancer dancing on a stage,the crowd was cheering and people laughing.

I want to paint,people playing football,on a field,being competitive.