What are you

You are the smell of ripe raspberries

ready to be picked.


You are the sound of a patient princess,

prancing perfectly around the party.


You are a spooked Dalmatian,

racing down the street, hiding from Cruela De Vile.


You are the memory of my guinea pig Noddy’s squeak

in the morning, desperate to eat.


You are the smell of a sweet flower,

dancing to the tune of the wind.


You are a sneaky book,

toe tipping away from your dusty shelf.


You are the sound of my dog,

yelling and yapping for food in the morning.



3 Responses to “What are you”

  1. 1. I like the way you have used yapping, it puts a picture in my head of the dog .
    2.Where did you get your ideas from?
    3. Should it be Cruella de Vil not vile?

  2. I love this poem is wonderful to read!

    1.this is very imaginable and so cool.

    2. could you possibly describe the book better than sneaky?

    3. theres no need to add any improvements its perfect honestly!

  3. Hi,
    I really like your poem because you have used a lot of really good words and also i love the alliteration.
    Do you have a hamster or any pets?
    To improve your poem you could use…well…there is nothing wrong with it. I really like it well done.

    From Isabelle DSJA

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